Hygiene Regulations

Dear guests, with the recent pandemic, we are doing our best to keep you and our staff safe and have implemented the following to ensure the best possible environment.


Social Distancing

Online check-in: Guests can check in without physically being in the B&B, by checking in online via the website using their smartphone. All keys will be sanitised before handed over to guests in a sealed envelope or sanitized drop box.

Distance rule: In public areas, such as the breakfast area, all staff must maintain a distance of 1.5 to 2 metres between them and guests. An example of this would be tables only being cleared once the guests have finished eating and have left the table.

Staff planning: Staff will need to work together in permanent teams so reconstructing possible infection chains is made possible.

Breakfast patio: Tables will be set up at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters away from each other.

Extension of opening hours: In order to provide sufficient space for all guests, the opening hours of the breakfast time will be extended. We will also provide the option of an in-room breakfast for a more private breakfast in support of social distancing.

Entertainment and activities: Pool loungers will be spaced further apart and regularly sanitised/disinfected.

Restriction of self-service: Self-service offers such as buffets will be kept to a minimum. Where possible, food and drinks will be served to guests by staff wearing protective masks.


Hygiene & Disinfection

Expansion of the disinfection dispensers: The number of dispensers will need to be expanded considerably, so that guests and staff can disinfect their hands at all important contact points. For example, all locations where food and drinks are offered, the pool area and in the lobby.

Room cleaning: Comprehensive new cleaning measures will be introduced to provide the best possible protection against the COVID-19 virus. All rooms will be thoroughly cleaned before the arrival of guests and the same intensive cleaning protocols will be applied with every guest change. Particular attention will be paid to the most commonly used rooms, such as bathrooms, and to the most commonly used appliances and devices such as TV remote controls, light switches, door knobs and taps.


PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

We’ve acquired the necessary PPE for all our staff, which includes gloves, masks and sanitizer.

Our staff will be (as far as possible) staying at the B&B in long shifts of 2-3 weeks in order to limit travelling by public transport on a regular basis.